Review of products for the care of the person

From the beginning of human history, women have searched the options for dealing with old age. It was always considered that person a business card to every lady, young and beautiful face, is her main weapon. After all, a beautiful representative of the fragile sex, you can even occasionally forgive a low mental capacity. Luckily for the fairer sex, today modern cosmetology has reached great heights.

products for the care of the person

It is very important in the early stage correctly, find out your skin type.

It can be dry, oily, combination, normal and sensitive. Therefore, take care of it, also, fall into the categories. For example, dry skin doesn't dry tonics are alcohol based, and masks, and the fat, on the contrary, do not need a lot to moisturize and nourish oily emulsions. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the type of your skin. This can be done by visiting the beauty salon, or to define yourself by considering some factors.

Skin types

  1. Dry skin in early age looks quite smooth and beautiful, no pores, but with a grow, if it is not wrong to care, to nourish and to moisturize dry dermis has the property of rapid decay and aging.
  2. Oily skin, from an early age seem rude, has a greasy Shine, and enlarged pores. Not rare on the face with this type of acne and pimples. But the big plus for this type of skin is that oily epidermis secretes a protective layer of secretion, which prevents the rapid aging. Sebum also protects the face from harmful particles in the air and from solar radiation.
  3. Combination skin is somewhere between dry and oily. For example, the cheeks with the skin a little dry, but the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) are shiny, because of the fat. This is a combined view of the dermis.
  4. Normal type speaks for itself — the skin looks healthy, Shine-free and dry.
  5. Finally, sensitive species can be attributed to the dry type. When the skin often irritation and drying.

Of each type of skin requires daily care, which is, also, divided into the following stages:

  1. Purification;
  2. Mechanical exfoliation;
  3. Toning;
  4. Hydration;
  5. For the care of the area around the eyes;
  6. Food.


Cleaning is one of the most important processes for the care of the skin on the face, which are cleaned from dust, flaking, secretions from the sebaceous glands, bacteria, makeup residue. When washing is mainly used soap, a gel, a special foam. Skin care products for the face should be selected of the appearance of the skin. If you want to have beautiful and healthy face without acne and irritation, remember: never go to bed with a clean face. Also, do not apply makeup on a dirty face. It will not give good results.

Mechanical exfoliation

For mechanical exfoliation, use a special cleaning. It is a medicine for the care of the person that you want to use one once a week. Scrubs deeply cleanse the skin by removing dead cells. They are composed of natural abrasives – crushed minerals, fruit pits or nut shells.

To prepare the cleanser with your hands, you can use a coffee cake or sugar.

proper care of the person

To do this, mix natural abrasives from your gel or foam cleanser. It is also a kind of massage of the face, due to the rubbing of the small particles, the flow of blood. But look do not overdo it, or the risk of getting minor injuries of the dermis, and after that irritation and red rashes.


The following procedure is applied to the face tonic or lotion. These medications are very good remove makeup, tones, tightens pores. Such drugs include cosmetic cream and milk, various lotions and tonics that in addition to everything else soften the dermis. In the application and selection of these medications, you also need to consider the type of skin.


Hydration is one of the foundations of healthy skin care. With proper hydration of the epidermis, the face has a matte, smooth, healthy, as well as proper water balance continues its beauty and elasticity. The modern market is rich with cream. But, it is worth remembering that under the particular type of the epidermis is suitable suitable remedy. Moisturizing lotions, tonics and masks are often applied after cleaning the face.

The care of the skin around the eyes

You should definitely pay attention to the areas around the eyes. These places are very sensitive and require very gentle care. You do not need a lot of rubbing of the eyes cleaning means, and it is better to buy a special lotion to remove eye makeup. Then, you need to apply a special moisturising or nourishing cream for the areas around the eyes, holding your finger on the outer corner, which leads to the inner corner. Application to produce with this light taps to avoid new wrinkles. It is also a kind of massage, which is always useful.


Once you are done cleansing, toning, used for the favorite clean, care for the skin around the eyes, be sure to apply before you go to sleep at night nourishing lotion or emulsion. The cream should be divided into day and night, as they play a somewhat different role:

  • the day cream has a protection function, because when applied, it provides a film that you will wear for protection from dust and other not very beneficial environmental factors that affect all of us, the day;
  • and night cream brings the nutritious function, because during sleep our skin is more susceptible, and need of food and moisture. Therefore, the night cream contains many useful nutrients, and also has a fatty structure, in comparison with the day cream.


Also, the face is a very effective hydrating mask that you can do several times a week. You need to select for them based on what type of skin you possess. Very useful, especially in the morning, apply on the face mashed fresh fruit (Apple, peach, banana, etc.) and some types of vegetables (cucumber, carrot). It is useful to make special ice cubes that can be prepared from decoctions of herbs (chamomile, calendula, parsley), they are very good the tone our skin.

If after all the procedures of cleaning and the application of cosmetics you want to wash – you know, these medicines do not suit you.

It is also worth considering that all cosmetic products are distinguished not only according to the skin types, but also according to the age criteria. You have to choose for themselves the preparations that suit your age, in order to achieve the desired result. To get a professional person, in the fashion of the modern world, there are many different beauty salons and cosmetology offices. There you can always know the latest trends of cosmetology, which in the home to try to do not dare.

And remember:

  1. Always on time and regularly all procedures for the care of the skin;
  2. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit;
  3. Drink plenty of fluids;
  4. Do not be nervous on trifles;
  5. To keep a healthy way of life;
  6. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day.
masks for the face

Be sure to care for the skin, and then she will be grateful to you, radiates beauty, youth and health.