Criticisms of facial rejuvenation in plasma

before and after plasma skin rejuvenation

With the help of plasma rejuvenation, you can correct the face, neck, décolleté and abdomen. Plasmolifting is an alternative to traditional skin rejuvenation methods, such as laser and carbon dioxide treatments.

The prevalence of facial rejuvenation in plasma is increasing daily, reviews by cosmetologists and patients confirm the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

Plasma rejuvenation aims to repair the skin, get rid of wrinkles.

What is plasma rejuvenation

Plasma resuscitation is a procedure performed using a Plasma-liner device, which operates on the basis of a plasma current. The device is a special pen, which has a replaceable tip, acts on the skin with argon plasma.

The procedure consists of heating the skin to 40 ° C, as a result of which collagen is produced, which contributes to the regeneration of skin cells.

During the process of rejuvenation in plasma, fibrous proteins lose moisture, as a result of which collagen fibers are compressed, which helps increase skin elasticity, smoothes wrinkles and eliminates sagging skin.

The rejuvenation process is performed by a specialized master in beauty clinics. The plasma coating does not come in direct contact with the skin, it works in a non-invasive way.

Special devices painlessly affect the skin using plasma current.

Before the procedure, the beautician applies an anesthetic cream to the skin, so the rejuvenation session is painless.

The duration of the action of the plasma pulse on the site is one second. The duration of the procedure is affected by the treatment area. On average, the duration of the session is 25-40 minutes.

Indications for use

photos before and after skin rejuvenation in plasma

The cold plasma rejuvenation process can eliminate the following defects:

  • psoriasis?
  • acne and acne?
  • keratosis?
  • unsuccessful permanent makeup.
  • tattoos?
  • couperose;
  • sagging skin?
  • wrinkles located near the eyes and eyebrows.
  • tilting and sagging eyelid skin.
  • bags under the eyes.
  • warts, moles, papillomas?
  • freckles?
  • scars and scars?
  • pigmentation.

Plasma rejuvenation is required for women who have reached "balzac age".

Cosmetologists recommend starting the rejuvenation process for women after 30 years. However, if there are indications for application, then you can apply it at a young age.

Process methods

There are 2 methods of plasma lifting:

  • with high powers.
  • with low power.

At low strengths, the color and texture of the skin is corrected and shallow wrinkles are also eliminated with its help. The course of the rejuvenation process is 3-4 sessions. There should be a 3 week break between them. No recovery is expected after the sessions.

Applying high forces, you can get rid of large wrinkles, acne, scars and scars. In addition, you can correct the oval of the face. This procedure is performed in one session, unlike the previous method, it is painful and requires a great recovery.

When the wounds dry, a crust will form that will fall off after a few days. A new layer of skin will form in its place. It takes 1-2 weeks for the skin to fully recover.

How the treatment is progressing

To relieve inflammation and speed up the healing of the treated areas on the skin, you do not need to use therapeutic agents, as they can dissolve the plasma that is injected under the skin.

For 7 days after the procedure, the skin in the treatment areas looks like plasticine, as when pressed, it leaves a dent in it. This sensation is caused by the gel under the skin.

Contraindications and side effects

how to prepare for the process of skin rejuvenation in plasma

After plasma rejuvenation, red spots appear on the skin of the face, which disappear on their own within 1-3 hours and do not pose a risk to human health.

Strict rules of care are required during rehabilitation.

Side effects can occur if the procedure was performed with violations or recommendations for facial skin care after plasma renewal.

These include:

  • age points?
  • bumps?
  • bruises?
  • itching?
  • registration?
  • burns?
  • swelling?
  • swelling.

Plasma rejuvenation is contraindicated:

  • if there are oncological diseases.
  • if there is a history of acute rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis.
  • during pregnancy and lactation.
  • during menstruation.
  • if there are blood diseases.
  • for acute infectious diseases.
  • at high temperature.
  • if thyroid function is impaired
  • with allergic rash.
  • if you have kidney or liver problems.
  • with pacemaker.
  • if the skin of the face is damaged.
  • for problems with the cardiovascular system.
Plasma rejuvenation is contraindicated during pregnancy.

The opinion of cosmetologists

First opinion:

The lamination process can make the oval face more expressive, eliminate fine wrinkles, renew the skin, make it soft and velvety, but it is impossible to achieve a strong result from this process. That is, the rejuvenation of the plasma relieves a person only minor imperfections.

Second opinion:

Plasmolifting is an option to get rid of skin problems when other similar procedures are not suitable for the patient. The patient's blood acts as a raw material, no chemicals are injected under the skin during the rejuvenation of the plasma. This cosmetic procedure is suitable for people with allergies

Third opinion:

I would like to note that for all patients the patients have not experienced side effects. It differs from other procedures of similar action with a long and increasing effect.

When platelet-rich plasma is injected under the skin, the body receives a signal to repair the damaged area of ​​skin. Thus, the cells are renewed and the skin looks well-groomed.

Patient reviews

First Review:

At the end of August last year, I saw a lot of pimples on my face that I had never had before. A few days later, I realized that this was the result of a long walk under the hot sun. For a long time I could not get rid of acne, I used various expensive creams and lotions, but no means helped.

I told a friend about my problem and he advised my friend to a cosmetologist. I made an appointment the same day. 2 treatments were enough to get rid of acne. At the beginning of each session, I felt warm, but there was no pain.

I was happy with the result, the face not only became clean, but also its color improved. In addition, there were no side effects. Since then, I have not had acne.

Second Review:

With age, facial skin began to sag, many small wrinkles appeared around the eyes. I used lifting creams and various serums, but they did not help tighten the skin. Such skin does not suit me, and for the holidays I asked my husband to make a gift - a visit to a beautician.

To restore the skin, one session was not enough for me, so I had to come to the beautician's appointment 3 times.

I saw the result of plasma rejuvenation after 2 sessions. The signs of age I had from my youth disappeared, the skin became taut, the inflammation disappeared, the skin improved, the skin acquired a natural glow. The only disadvantage of the procedure is the high cost.

Third Review:

I try my best to fight the signs of aging, they are more intense on the face. The skin in this area is soft and very pigmented in some places. I wanted to get rid of age spots for a long time, but due to lack of funding I could not go to a beautician sooner to solve these problems.

With the help of lamination, it was possible not only to restore the skin of the face, but also to get rid of the old tattoo. I think such a process is effective, but it is rather costly.