Essential oils for wrinkles treat the most effective recipes

A woman's confidence in her irresistible starts with a beautiful face. Staying attractive is important not only at a young age. Over the years, taking care of your appearance does not lose relevance. However, after 40–50 years, other tasks arise. In adulthood, the desire to get rid of "crow's feet" and facial wrinkles comes to the fore. Why does beauty fade with age? These are the consequences:

  • lack of sleep and stress, unbearable loads,
  • years of bad habits
  • malnutrition, use of harmful products,
  • constant influence of external factors,
  • internal changes, especially hormonal disorders,
  • loss of the skin's ability to retain moisture
  • deterioration of blood microcirculation,
  • slowing down cell regeneration processes.

Unfortunately, all of this is inevitable. But you can't be idle. A wise approach to the fight against aging will repel it for many years. So which weapon should you choose?

Essential oil is a product of natural origin. It is an ingredient used in homemade beauty recipes or sought after in anti-aging cosmetics. A few drops of essential oil applied to the skin can work wonders.

How to choose the main ingredient

To prevent the active ingredient from harming the skin, mix it with an essential oil base. When choosing the latter, an individual approach plays an important role, so consider your skin type:

  • for normal, jojoba, almond, macadamia oil is suitable (you are also free to experiment, but avoid very thick and heavy liquids),
  • for excessive drying, use olive or avocado oil,
  • for oleaginous, a substance obtained from apricot kernels has proven itself well,
  • for acne-prone, try hemp or argan varieties,
  • with increased sensitivity and frequent inflammations, argan or coconut oil is suitable.

Frankincense: recipes for revitalizing masks

Such masks are necessary during aging, because the composition of the fluid approaches sebum. With age, its production slows down and the casing does not receive sufficient moisture. You can solve the problem in the following way:

  1. Because jojoba extract is mild, you can use it on under-eye wrinkles without diluting it. Treat the problem areas with light strokes, let the substance absorb and remove the residue with a paper towel (do not rub the skin, but fix the fabric on the face).
  2. essential oil for revitalizing the face
  3. The oil will also replace your regular makeup remover. Wipe the face with a slightly wet cotton swab when removing the makeup and do not rinse the essence with water. Thanks to its light texture, it will not leave a greasy feeling and the prolonged exposure during the night will give the cells the right substances.
  4. It happens that age brings not only wrinkles to the face, but also hormonal problems. As a result, adult women suffer from acne and breakouts, which can be reduced using a natural remedy. You will need 1 tsp. honey, 2 drops of lemon juice, 8 mashed strawberries and 1 tsp. jojoba oils. Mix the ingredients, treat the skin and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. The ingredients will saturate the skin with moisture, whiten aging spots and prevent the formation of acne, having an antibacterial effect.

The tool is used even for the skin around the eyes from wrinkles, and this area is characterized by increased sensitivity. Apply it gently with a light massage and grab the neck area. For quick results, repeat the process every night.

Owners of aging and dry skin will benefit from a moisturizer. Consists of:

  • 1 cup ingredient
  • 1 spoons of argan,
  • 2 teaspoons of oil.

Mix the ingredients and use the mixture instead of night cream: 2-3 drops will be enough. Essential oils are good for the skin around the eyes, because due to the lack of sebaceous glands, it especially needs to be saturated with moisture.

For sensitive skin covered with a network of wrinkles, a cream based on a pomegranate seed product is suitable. By 2 tbsp. funds add 3 tsp. melted and frozen shea butter, 2 tsp. rose water and crushed pulp of half a medium aloe leaf. Mix the ingredients in the blender until the mixture acquires a creamy texture. Using this cream after removing makeup, you will stop inflammation, moisturize the skin and get rid of the signs of aging.

A remedy derived from frankincense will restore softness to the skin and treat age spots. If the skin has become uneven with age and the resulting wrinkles are noticeable, use frankincense oil.

It has the following effect:

  • restores cells and protects against damage,
  • reduces pimples,
  • eliminates stretched pores and wrinkles.

For the skin around the eyes, frankincense essential oils are especially good because they restore lost elasticity. As a base, use a substance obtained from jojoba (2 tablespoons), to which add 6 drops of the main ingredient. Be sure to do a tolerance test first, otherwise you risk skin irritation.

Regular use will improve skin tone and elasticity. Every night, treat the area under the eyes and the result will be visible in a few months.

Cream is the most common cosmetic form used by girls for wrinkles. Today, literally every manufacturer offers a choice of several anti-aging lines. In combating the signs of aging, girls usually spare no expense, and marketers understand this. Products with gold extracts, pearls, stem cells appear on the shelves. . . But what are the advantages and disadvantages of such products?

  1. Convenient to use. By purchasing an anti-aging cream, you remove the extra hassle. Nothing needs to be mixed, combined, enriched and then washed away. Open the tube and hold the wrinkles.
  2. It costs dearly. A really effective, good tool will cost a pretty penny. At the same time, such products are usually packaged in small containers, so you will need to renew the tube about once a month.
  3. Addictive. According to reviews, skin aging products are quickly addictive, so after 3-5 months you will need to take a break and pick up a new antiaging line.
  4. It works on the surface. The cream does not solve the stated problems at a deep level, but only covers the problems. Long-term use of such cosmetics will hide small wrinkles, but you will not be able to get rid of deep furrows.
  5. Contains chemical additives. When cosmetics are produced on an industrial scale, synthetic ingredients are simply necessary. They are needed for the "correct" color, smell, consistency, but also to ensure a long shelf life.

The storage cream does not give the skin immunity. The tool just "works" as long as you don't stop using it. The cream does not prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and does not "charge" the skin with strength and anti-aging potential.

Contraindications for use

Since natural oils are substances whose active ingredients are in high concentration, it is recommended to dilute them before applying to sensitive facial skin. Failure to follow this advice is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

There are other rules for using such funds:

  • it is necessary to carry out an aesthetic procedure in the evening, before cleaning, toning, moisturizing the skin with creams, serums, tonics,
  • Before applying the product, the skin must be moistened with clean water,
  • the concentration is calculated based on the type of skin (for dry, take 4-5 drops, for normal 2-3, for oily 1-2),
  • to achieve optimal results, the course of using funds does not last more than two months with the frequency of procedures twice a week.

Despite the fact that essential oils are natural gifts of nature and their use rarely causes allergies, they still have contraindications.

The most important contraindication for the use of ether is pregnancy, because many oils can cause miscarriage or harm the baby. The most dangerous for a fertilized organism are:

  • cypress oil,
  • lavender,
  • Wise,
  • melissa,
  • fennel,
  • marjoram.

And this is not yet an exhaustive list. Although you can read recommendations for aromatherapy during pregnancy in many sources, it is better not to risk it. With a strong desire to use perfume oil, it is imperative to consult a doctor. During lactation, the use of esters is also contraindicated.

Regardless of the position of a woman, no one is immune from one contraindication - this is a personal intolerance of the body. Ether can be great for one person and just plain bad for another.

Individual intolerance can be to any ester, its symptoms are easy to recognize:

  • headache or tinnitus,
  • increased heart rate,
  • difficulty breathing.

It is not recommended to use essential oils in relation to children, as they affect the hormonal background of the body, and it is better not to joke with it.

In principle, these are all contraindications, but along with them, you also need to know the safety rules when using esters.

Before using an essential oil, no matter what, you should do a skin test to make sure there is no allergy. The easiest way is to pour a 5% ether solution on the inside of the hand, if after half an hour there is no redness, you can safely use it.

When using essential oils, follow these guidelines:

  1. Be sure to test for an allergic reaction.
  2. Do not use essential oils in their pure form, use only essential oils without additional ingredients.
  3. Any daily use oil, use no more than 21 days. Then take a break for 7-14 days.
  4. Some esters are phototoxic. Do not use them before going out in the sun, so as not to cause a burn.
  5. Protect eyes and mucous membranes from oils.
  6. If you have a chronic illness or are pregnant, discuss essential oil use with your doctor.

Recipes for wrinkles based on essential oils for the face

Among the variety of recipes with the inclusion of anti-wrinkle face oil, you need to choose several options that are most suitable for your skin type. Only in this case, you can count on getting the long-awaited rejuvenating effect without unwanted consequences.

Moisturizing mask with jojoba

The mask saturates the skin cells with moisture, nourishes it, cleans the pores, relieves acne, smooths imitation and aging wrinkles.

To prepare it, you need to make a decoction of chamomile (1 tablespoon of dry mixture per 100 ml of water), sue, strain. Then mix it with a teaspoon of jojoba oil. It is also recommended to add a few drops of fresh aloe leaf juice there.

Peach regenerating mask

Castor oil and essential oil of juicy ripe peach are combined in equal proportion. The resulting mixture is heated in a water bath for a few minutes and then spread with your fingers on the eyelids and the entire face.

The procedure should be done before going to bed, you can not wash after it. During the night, the oils penetrate the skin well, regenerate it, smooth wrinkles and increase elasticity.

Nourishing mask with castor oil

Heavy cream (2 tablespoons) is mixed with castor oil (1 tablespoon). Everything is mixed well. It is enough to withstand the mask for 10 minutes. Carrying out the procedure 2-3 times a week will not only save a woman from mimics and age-related wrinkles on the eyelids, but also make her forget about dark circles under her eyes in the morning.

Toning mask with olive

In a deep container, liquid honey and olive oil are combined in the same ratio (1 tablespoon each). Next, chicken yolk is added, after which the mixture is thoroughly mixed.

The mask is applied with the fingers in a thin layer, distributed on the face. The aesthetic procedure should be done 3 times a week for a month.

Anti-wrinkle mask with almonds

Almond essential oil (5-6 drops) should be mixed with avocado pulp (2 tablespoons). The porridge is mixed well and then distributed on the lower eyelids, in the area around the eyes.

The mask is kept for 10 minutes and then washed off with cool water. With each procedure performed, wrinkles will become less noticeable.

Refreshing mask with almonds

In a deep dish, mix fresh almond oil (1 teaspoon), liquid honey (2 tablespoons), chicken yolk. The product is mixed well, rubbed into the skin of the eyelids with massaging movements, and then all over the face. After 5 minutes, the mask must be washed off.

Nourishing mask with wild rose

The mask nourishes the dermis, evens out its tone, maintains moisture balance and smoothes wrinkles. For cooking, you need to take any baby cream (10 - 20 grams) and mix 3 drops of rosehip oil in it. The product should be distributed on the face and eyelids for 15 minutes before going to bed.

Cosmetologists suggest you try these simple but effective recipes with anti-wrinkle esters.

A simple recipe for smoothing mimic wrinkles

To a teaspoon of argan oil, add three drops of orange oil and one drop of neroli.

A mixture of oils with essential oils from the network of wrinkles around the eyes

Pour the main ingredient into a small dark glass bottle - two tablespoons of cocoa butter (previously melted in a water bath), in them - 2 tablespoons. almond oil. Measure four or five drops of sandalwood and lavender oil, two drops of rose oil and neroli, add to the base, shake, leave for at least a day in a dark place. So the wonderful composition from the first spider web around the eyes is ready!

Apply every morning (but not under makeup) and before bed, one hour before bed. After a while, remove the excess oils with a dry cloth.

Antiaging cream with essential oils for deep wrinkles on the face

Take 25 ml of peach kernel oil, add beeswax and solid coconut oil - 15 grams each. Melt the resulting mixture in a water bath. Tap gently.

Add aroma components to the cold mass: six drops of neroli, four drops of patchouli and ylang-ylang.

Deep nourishing facial mask

In a small glass bowl, mix well three teaspoons of honey with one tablespoon of low-fat cream. Measure and add the necessary ingredients in order to the mixture: four drops of rose oil and three drops of frankincense.

Apply only to previously cleansed or steamed skin! After 15 minutes, you can wash off.

Using esters, you can prepare products for the care of aging skin at home. A few ideas about this are worth considering.

Take a couple of tablespoons of boiled water and add 2-3 drops of prepared ether of your choice.


To avoid such consequences, it is recommended to conduct a verification test. Before the first use of a certain type of cosmetic oil, a small amount of it is applied to the skin of the wrist with massaging movements. If after a day the allergy to the product does not appear, you can use the oil for wrinkles around the eyes and for sensitive facial skin.

This ingredient rarely causes allergies. However, there are still contraindications. It is not worth experimenting with pregnant women, as well as nursing mothers. Individual intolerance is also possible - no one is immune from it. What is good for some may not be good for others. This applies not only to essential oils, but also to other cosmetics.

Many essential oils for the face can be used against wrinkles. But to achieve the maximum effect from the use of oils, an individual approach is needed. After all, what works for one woman may not work for another.